This is a 1920's post card view of the southern half of Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York.  The home at 260 Ocean Avenue, which we would move into in 1953 had not been built.  If it were there it would have been on the far left of the picture, down about four lots.

About My Writing


The beginning

Writing is a recent thing for me.  After retiring and starting an antiques business with my wife, Cindy, my first effort was My Amityville: Memories of a Golden Time, a self-published gift to my two sons. a humble but rewarding project.  Now I am hooked.  Perhaps life does begin at 70.


First love

A love of woodworking with traditional hand tools has consumed my free time since early adulthood.  For much of that time I kept a journal describing the furniture projects I was working on.  My "to do" list includes the publication of those journals.


My next book

Writing My Amityville was a joy and the research of early Amityville begged a second book about the history and people of Ocean Avenue.  This will be a more serious work of history and biographies centered on my time there in the 1950s and 60s.  Follow the tab to The Golden Avenue for a preview. 

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